How much does the PDPA and Data Protection cost?

the PDPA and Data Protection cost

Going PDPA compliance is an important decision. We want you to be totally confident in your investment. Our free consultation can help answer some important questions you have about improving Data Protection & Security.

With Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act finally coming into effect as of 1st June 2022, companies across the country must ready themselves to comply with the new regulations. Being adequately prepared entails understanding the PDPA and effectively communicating its implications with everyone in the companies who has access to personal data.

Our Data Privacy, Data Protection, and PDPA consultants offer cutting-edge, practical, and effective solutions for all your PDPA, privacy, and cyber security challenges. Using a unique set of methodologies, we aim to embed legal, security, and technology as part of the standard business process, ensuring the value of data is recognized and protected throughout its life cycle.

the PDPA and Data Protection cost

Listed below are the services that we can provide for all companies in every industry:

- Audit & Assessment
- Data Processing
- Data Consent
- DPO Outsourced
- Data Breaches
- Cookie & Privacy Policy
- Cyber Security

We provide free consultation now at Pimaccounting and you can contact us directly.