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Profit and Loss Statement Balance Sheet Assets & Liabilities Trial Balance General Ledger Journal Bank Reconciliation Details for Financial Statements
Payroll Calculations Pay-Slip Creation Submitting Pay Instructions to Your Bank Withholding Tax (PND 1) Social Security (SPS 1-10) Withholding Tax Certificate (BIS 50) Provident Fund Workmen’s Compensation Payments to Government Agencies Reporting
Monthly Tax Returns (PND 1, PND 3, PND 53, PND 54) Monthly Value Added Tax Returns (VAT) (Por Por 30),(Por Por 36) Social Fund Registration and Returns (Sor Por Sor 1-10)
Invoice/Tax Invoice Withholding Tax Certificate Payment Voucher

Annual Corporate Tax Returns (Annual Audit, PND 50)
Personal Income Tax Returns (PND 90, 91 & 94)
Half-Year Corporate Earnings Assessment (PND 51)
Annual Withholding Tax Returns for Wages to Employees (PND 1 Kor)


pim accounting offers flexible and various accounting packages that can be adapted to the specific requirements of our clients. Costs are dependent on the size and nature of the client’s company, the volume of monthly turnover, and the number of transactions recorded per month.

pim accounting makes the process of switching visas extremely easy and painless. Our accounting and legal team itself, with your consent, deal directly with your previous service provider or accountant to make your transition to Visa Thai Service virtually effortless. You only need to proceed with the first step - contact us - and our team will take care of the rest.

Full accounting and bookkeeping services keep your books in the best shape possible throughout the year. This allows the auditor’s job to be smooth which then translates into a lower annual audit cost for your business. For someone who is new to the idea of Thai taxation or simply changing your accounting service providers, pim accounting will make sure the transition goes smoothly with the assistance of our accounting and legal team. We will handle all paperwork and heavy-lifting so that your team can focus on running your business instead of spending time understanding Thailand’s taxation laws. Even with a small number of employees, the process of calculating and processing salaries can be seen as a tedious and time-consuming procedure. As a result, we provide flexible payroll services that improve payroll management for small and medium-sized businesses.


As a one-stop professional accountants, we provide a full range of accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses such as: Company Registration, Account Payable Management, Accounting for Startup, Accounting for SME, Financial Year Closing, Tax Management, Withholding Tax Service, Company Liquidation, Analytics & Digital Transformation, PDPA & Data protection; BOI consulting & accounting and Fast track Visa & Work Permit.


pim accounting provides services such as accounting, tax consulting, internal accounting control, advice, and checking of clients' accounting documents. It also offers auditing service and design of accounting and stock management systems.

Despite the fact that we are a relatively new entity, we have been awarded the accounting licenses by Federation of Accounting Professions. With our expert and professional staff and client support system, our company can offer its services to clients who have more than 200 companies.

Because we offer modern accounting services, using cloud accounting & digital transformation, both Thai clients and foreign customers trust us. Our company also offers e-revenue registration, PDPA Data protection consultancy and e-payment to help support the continual development of technology.

pim accounting offers timely and cost-effective financial management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We’re your one stop for accounting services, bookkeeping, and tax advisory. It’s our goal to exceed your expectations by providing exceptional service and practical financial advice you can count on. With our support, you can focus your time and efforts on running your business and leave the accounting to us. We offer a wide variety of outsourced accounting services including budgeting, financial statements, and cash flow management.


Monthly Work Process

Meeting & Asssement

Understand and anticipate the accounting flows, and define the best methods

Data Collection

Record your invoices, receipts and bank statements

Tax filling

Reconciliation, tax filings, withholding tax, VAT and local tax form submission

Financial Reports

Cash flow, Dashboard, Specific Financial Report Preparation, BOI submission

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