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Pimaccounting is a trusted audit & accounting partner in Thailand providing a quality comprehensive scope of assurance services and business consulting services. Our accounting solution is simple and affordable. We will handle all administrative issues and send you a report in Thai, English, French, Japanese or Chinese. Our team will assist you in solving any problem to comply with Thai legal requirements.

You can outsource your accounting to a professional, efficient team. Our accountants based in Bangkok can provide advice on tax filing, bookkeeping and financial reporting. Our accounting services can help you save time and allow you to focus on your customers, rather than on repetitive administrative tasks. You will get a complete overview of your current financial situation by obtaining monthly and yearly accounting tasks. Our accountants have the necessary licenses and training to help you run your business in Thailand.

Thailand's tax laws require companies to submit their accounts to the Revenue Department. They must also submit audit reports, to both Revenue Department as well as the Ministry of Commerce, within 150 days of the end of their fiscal year. Here are some dues the company should pay monthly and annually.

Visa & Work Permit

It can be stressful and time-consuming to apply for a work permit or visa to legally stay in Thailand. Pimaccounting will guide you through each step and help you get the documents you need. You will be granted a non-b Visa to allow you to work and a permit to work. We can also provide visas for your family. Our staff will assist you in gathering all necessary documents and help you fill them out to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Our staff will take you to immigration, and make sure that the process is smooth and fast. Our company is able to provide visas both for BOI companies as well for non-BOI. You can also request 90 day reports.

Work permit and visa applications/renewals for foreigners always involve a lot of administrative work. It can also be complicated because the rules and Thai regulations often change. Regardless of how large your company in Thailand is or whether you are BOI certified, has a dedicated team ready to serve you at all relevant government agencies.

Bangkok Overview

Despite the fact that there are no geographic boundaries for CBD's surrounding areas, Central Business District is usually divided into three major neighborhoods: Early Sukhumvit (from Nana, Sukhumvit Soi 244, in Phrom Phong), Wireless Road/Lumpini or Silom/Sathorn. The original CBD was formed by the latter, and rose in prominence in late 1980s/early '90s.

Ploenchit became a key location because of its BTS Station and expressway entrances/exists. It is an ideal spot to conduct business. The Central Embassy shopping mall, which is state-ofthe-art, adds to its glamour. It's surrounded by high-end office buildings, famous hotels, and trendy restaurants.

The Inner CBD consists primarily of the Early - Sukhumvit. Also, it is considered the main tourist spot along Sukhumvit Road. Nana is known for its nightlife, the diversity of dining options and hotels to suit all budgets. Business-oriented zones are located in Asok multi-cultural area, which is known as a hub for transportation because of the interchange of MRT Sukhumvit Stations and BTS Asok.

Accounting services

1 Accounts Preparation: Prepared in the right way, they provide a vital tool to help your business run efficiently and provide valuable information for forward planning and decision-making.

2 Bookkeeping and Management Accounts: Administration and paperwork can be a time-consuming and costly part of running a business. Pimaccounting offers a variety of cost-effective, efficient business support services that will keep your finances in control. We also provide vital information for making informed decisions and increasing profitability by using Cloud Accounting and Innovative Bookkeeping Solutions.

3 Business and Specialist Advisory Services: Planning is essential for any business to be successful. However, the demands of daily business life can often get in the way. We will work with you to create a plan that outlines where you want to go and the tools needed to get there. We offer wide-ranging expertise to help your business reach its full potential such as business planning, forecasts, business development, growth, consultancy and systems advice

4 Payroll: It is crucial to pay your staff on time and correctly in order to keep you and your tax man happy. Maintaining in-house payroll software can lead to many problems, including the need to keep your staff up-to-date on changes to payroll legislation.

5 Thai Taxation: Thailand's taxation laws, like many others, have some peculiar features that require specialist knowledge .Our staff includes CPA Thai qualified accountants. They have the knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to help with the complexities of Thailand’s regulations and rules. These include Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Personal Income Tax (PIT), Withholding Taxes and Value Added Tax(VAT).

6 Statutory Auditing: Sometimes, an annual audit can seem tedious and time-consuming. Pimaccounting' experts will prepare your audit including Statutory Audit, Agreed-upon Procedures, Internal Control Audit, Physical Stock Counts, Employee Benefit Plans, Revenue Recognition and Certified Tax Auditing.

7 Online and Cloud Accounting: Online & Cloud accounting has many benefits. You can instantly access financial data and see how much the company is spending. This information includes how much debtors owe and current cash flow. This information can be used to make informed decisions about how the business is run.

8 VAT & Withholding Tax Services: Many businesses find that they end up paying too little or too much Value Added Tax (VAT). This can make it a difficult issue. Our professional VAT & Withholding Tax services< will ensure that you comply with applicable legislation and you don't pay more VAT.

9 Financial Reporting Services: After your tax and legal obligations have been completed, and your balance reconciliations have been completed, we will produce your financial reports. These will first determine the amount of money your Thai company is making or loosing. They will provide reliable information to all stakeholders (shareholders and lenders, banks, administration, etc. Unknown figures can lead to conflicts, significant omissions, or missed opportunities in a healthy business.

10 Monthtly Accounting Services: Outsourcing your accounting in Bangkok requirements has many benefits. It allows your limited resources to be directed into more productive areas of the business. It guarantees expertise in local laws, regulations, and continuity during times when there is change (mergers, acquisitions etc.). Located in Bangkok, Pimaccounting has a deep understanding of Thai and International regulations. We can provide you with a complete and tailored range of accounting services to meet your requirements.

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