5 Benefits of Smart Visa over Non-B Visa

5 Benefits of Smart Visa over Non-B Visa

For many years in Thailand, ex-pats or foreigners in general that are looking to work here seek for the Non-B visa as it was common and showed benefits to being able to work here.However, it is now the Smart Visa that has entered the playing game in which people should look to get. 

The Smart Visa itself is a new type of visa that is specifically designed to attract highly skilled manpower, investors, executives, and startup entrepreneurs that are looking to either work or invest in Thailand. Below you will find the 5 benefits of acquiring a Smart Visa over a Non-B Visa.


  • Smart Visa 1-year reporting
  • Non-B visa 90-days reporting

Re-entry permit

  • Smart Visa No re-entry permit required
  • Non-B visa Re-entry permit before leaving Thailand

Maximum Renew Work Permit

  • Smart Visa Maximum renewable 4-years visa
  • Non-B visa Maximum renewable 1-year visa

5 Benefits of Smart Visa over Non-B Visa

Work Permit

Fast-track service at international airports in Thailand

  • Smart Visa Access to a fast-track
  • Non-B visa  Unaccess to a fast-track

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