Knowing before choosing a Tax allowance

Knowing before choosing a Tax allowance

Before tax allowance, you should check whether you are eligible for taxation or not because otherwise you will be taxed more than necessary. Knowing that the tax allowance rate is understood to be a reduction based on the tax base only. For example, a tax base of 5% of the price of 15,000 baht will receive a tax allowance of only 750 baht.

  • Don't try to allowance your taxes too much.

If you are trying to use the right to do tax allowance on a frequent basis, this will cause short-term liquidity to disappear. For example, income is taxed at 10% and is expected to be taxed at 10,000 baht this year. If you want to tax allowance to zero, you have to spend 100,000 baht in order to get a tax allowance. But the 100,00 money brought to pay, resulting in lack of liquidity in everyday life.

Knowing before choosing a Tax allowance

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